The products can be purchased by visiting the address provided in the “Contact us” section.

The payment obligation arises in case of ordering a product through website.

The payment methods are presented in the “Payment” section of the Website. Online payment is made during the order registration using the payment methods available on the website.


  1. Once the products to be purchased have been selected and added to the Customer Box, the Customer initiates a ‘Form Order’ process in which he / she must select one of the payment options available on the Website.
  2. When the online payment option is selected, the Customer will be redirected to an external site for online payment. When the online payment is successfully fulfilled , the Customer account is charged for the purchase and the customer’s order (Purchase Order) is considered as accepted.
  3. Payment terms are controlled by the regulations of the bank acting as the third party, as well as payment organizations with whom cooperates.
  4. By choosing a payment option, the Client confirms that he is aware and accepts the regulations of the bank acting as a third party and that of the payment organizations, and that the Client undertakes to comply with them and these Terms and Conditions.

5. The Customer has to pay the full amount indicated in the Purchase Order which is calculated at the time of placing the order. In case of incomplete payment (Insufficient payment or Insufficient funds), the Purchase Order will be recognized invalid and will not be processed in the system. In this case, the payment will be canceled and no fee will be charged from the Client. If the Inadequate Payment is due to a lack of funds required in the Client’s account, has no responsibility for any damages caused to the Client.