MISMA LLC was founded in 2004, on May 14th. The company has many years of experience in operational printing, working with the private sector and public systems, and is a reliable, trustworthy, and conscientious partner.
Dedicated to its 15th anniversary on May 14th, 2019, MISMA launched a new project called THE MOST ARMENIAN, which aims to promote the recognition and dissemination of unique samples of old Armenian carpets patterns and ornaments.
MISMA company, combining the old and the new, created the Miskaryan heritage brand and provided a beautiful Armenian product that becomes a part of the interior.
We offer embroidered pillows, tablecloths, napkins, bags, souvenirs, accessories, belts, toys, t-shirts with old Armenian rug ornaments. Especially embroidered pillows of the Miskaryan heritage brand were pleasantly accepted in Armenia, Diaspora, and abroad by foreigners.
We proudly continue to participate in the development and recognition of Armenian culture.
We also have kid, decorative, festive, and personalized products.
Let’s recognize, spread, teach, give, buy THE MOST ARMENIAN!